About us

Despite the tremendous importance of pensions in securing the livelihoods of the nation’s human resource and its increasing role in providing debt finance for infrastructure requirements, there is no academic center exclusively devoted to this segment of the financial services economic sector. The industry currently consists of a total of 33 licensed operators and fragments of pre-existing schemes, and a workforce of about 6,000 employees. Upon conceptualization and development of this industry, its workforce supply source was mainly from other segments of the financial services sector, commercial banking and insurance.

This category of workforce with little specialized training in pension has been driving the industry operations for over the 13 years of its existence.  As a result, there is no career pathway for staff intending to increase their knowledge or make pension administration, custody and other related professions of requiring competent jurisdiction, unlike other management science tracks like Banking and Finance, and Insurance.

Abuja School of Pensions and Retirement Planning also known as ‘Abuja Pension School’ (APS) was conceptualized to bridge this gap and create an environment of focused learning to increase skill and professionalism in the industry.

The institution will operate as a private technical institution (Monotechnic) offering diploma and certificate programmes for students aspiring to craft a career in retirement planning and pensions; and Individuals desirous of furthering their education and enhancing their knowledge on pensions and retirement.

Philosophy Statement

There are four key principles that underpin our institution, and which guide the foundations on the institution. They are:

PEOPLE – our students, employees, practitioner community, members and potential users of our services-

“We will meet or exceed the needs and expectations of students, members and those who use our services with integrity and professionalism, whilst creating a challenging and rewarding environment in which students will learn and our employees can work.”

REPUTATION – As the sole academic institution exclusively devoted to pensions in Nigeria-

“we will protect and enhance the reputation of the ASPRP as the most credible, respected and professional institute for pension, employee benefits and retirement savings professionals and trustees”

STANDARDS – continually raise the standards and level of education in pension and to employee benefits and retirement savings professionals and trustees to support lifelong academic learning-

“We will continue to set the benchmark for best practice to which students, employee benefits and retirement savings professionals and trustees aspire”

SUSTAINABILITY – develop meaningful academic and professional relationships and achieve financial stability-

“We will manage our institution, meet our regulatory requirements and create commercial opportunities to ensure financial viability and sustainability”