• To support path-breaking research on pension and  development within Nigeria and the West African Sub-Region
  • To inform policies and practices in pensions  through strategic partnerships with policymakers  and thought leaders.

In addition to undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the discipline of pension, Abuja  School of Pension and Retirement Planning has established a center dedicated to research in  pensions.

The APS Centre would provide a platform for a research-based Nigerian network of pension  organizations that stimulates leading-edge thinking and practice about pension  management. It would bring together prominent pension organizations, academic institutions,  research partners across the country.

The main product of the center will be the Journal of Pension Administration and Management  with a focus on developing conference papers, publication of pension and retirement planning  articles and books.

The Center’s main objective is to encourage multidisciplinary collaboration by joining  students and faculty on the one-hand with policy makers and business leaders on pensions  from an economic and financial perspective. It would be dedicated to stimulating creative  dialogue between the oretical, applied policy-oriented and rigorous empirical research to  expand the frontiers in the development of pension, savings culture, long term investment  perspectives and retirement planning issues.


The ARC will aim to:

  • Undertake quality research in all fields related to pensions;
  • Bring together internationally renowned experts from across many different disciplines – including economics, finance, insurance,
    actuarial science, accounting, corporate governance, law and
  • Employ an interdisciplinary approach will enhance strategic
    thinking towards the development of new solutions to the complex pensions challenges facing states, coorporates and individuals;
  • Communicate research results to academics, practitioners and policy
  • Contribute to and develop international networks of pensions
    experts from a variety of disciplines;
  • Provide expert advice to the pensions industry and government.