Office of the Bursar

The Office of the Bursar is responsible for the billing and collecting of balances owed to APS. Primarily, this entails student tuition balances that are charged every semester. the customer base consists of students, parents, other schools and colleges, departments, and external organizations.The office maintains student account records, presents bills, offer payment options, provide student refunds, and answer all related questions


  • Finance Division
  • Finance division supports the academic, research and administrative community in APS with sound financial advice and timely information.
  • The Finance Division provides a range of support services including:
  • financial operations (purchasing, supplier payments, payroll and expense payments, petty cash, accounts receivable, financial systems and training),
  • financial reporting (management and statutory accounts, subsidiary company accounts, research accounts and gift registry),
  • financial support (divisional teams, financial training, financial assurance and communications) and
  • professional services (purchasing, treasury, insurance, tax and pensions).


  • Treasury Division
  • The Treasury Department supports the Rector of APS
  • The division is the Chief Business Officer in the areas of all internal and external financing for APS and its departments.
  • Treasury manages the cash, investments, and debt obligations of the School.


  • Staff Services Division
  • The Staff Services Division is dedicated to serving the faculty community at APS and enriching the faculty experience by:
  • Serving as a resource to faculty for their personnel needs
  • Interpreting and implementing policies and procedures, in compliance with applicable laws, which directly relate to faculty matters
  • Serving as a recruitment coordinator for faculty positions


  • Budget and Planning Division

The division is responsible for:

  • Coordination, review, and publication of the university’s annual capital budget and five-year capital plan.
  • Coordination of the senior administration committees responsible for the strategic priorities for capital activity and approval of major capital projects.
  • Representation of APS perspective and participation in the broad variety of planning, approval, and implementation processes for capital activities on the Ithaca campus.