The Library is administered by the Librarian and reports to the Rector.  Library administration handles internal and external administrative matters by providing managerial leadership, resource management, strategic planning, development/fundraising, and direct overall library operations.

The Librarian may also oversee the campus Press, as a separate organization.

The library comprises of:

  • Office of the Librarian
  • The office of the Librarian is headed by the School Librarian
  • The scope of the duties of the office includes:
  • Selecting, developing, cataloguing and classifying library resources.
  • Responding to readers’ enquiries.
  • Using library systems and specialist computer applications.
  • The office of the Librarian is also responsible for the management of the e-library
  • The office also collaborates with the Personnel Unit in the management of the library staff. These functions include recruitment, training, supervisory duties and other duties as may be assigned by the Rector.

Technical Division

  • The Technical division is under the office of the Librarian and is headed by a Technical Services Librarian
  • The Technical services librarians works behind the scenes to obtain and classify resources for the library.
  • For the e-library, he is saddled with the responsibility of working with or developing computer information storage and retrieval systems

Readers’ Services Division

  • This division helps individuals find and use library materials and resources.

Reference Section

  • This section helps the users identify and locate information through various reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, bibliographies, atlases, gazetteers, yearbooks, indexes, annuals, handbooks, travel guides, and other reference materials.
  • The Academic Research Collection which include theses and dissertations are also available in this section.

Reserve Section

  • This section consists of materials, books and articles requested or assigned by faculty for the use of their students.
  • Most of these materials are held at the circulation/reserve Desk.
  • Reserve material is for reference use only and may not be taken out.
  • Use of reserve materials are usually subject to certain regulations.

Serials Section

  • This section acquires, sorts, processes, organizes and maintains current records and files that inform users of serial documents in the Library.
  • Serials are publications that are published in parts for an indefinite period of time.
  • These include journals, periodicals, magazines, almanacs, annual reports, numbered monographs and other such serialized materials

Production and Bindery Section

  • This section is responsible for records management and binding preparation for general collections and copyright deposits,
  • This can include services for newly catalogued, unbound monographs, retrospective collections, and for unbound serial issues.