Office of the Registrar

The Registry is entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating the departments of APS to ensure efficiency and optimal performance. The main responsibility is the day-to-day administrative running of APS.

The primary mandate of the Registry is to co-ordinate both academic and administrative matters in the School. It is also rresponsible for admissions, registration, student records, examinations, timetabling and student data

The Registry is headed by the Registrar, who is the Chief Administrator of the APS and statutorily the Secretary to Council, Senate, Congregation and Convocation


  • Enrollment Division
  • The Registrar is the Dean of Enrollment.
  • Responsibilities include:
  • identifying and recruiting prospective students of appropriate quality;
  • selecting, admitting, and enrolling new first-year and transfer students;
  • evaluating financial need and the administering of financial aid funds for all students, new and returning.
  • Organized by strategic planning and supported by institutional research, enrollment management activities concern students’ course choice as well as student attrition, retention, and success


  • Administrative Division
  • The office of the Administration division provides institutional support services, systems and infrastructure for APS
  • The Personnel Affairs Unit is also a part of the Administrative Division. It deals with all staff matters.
  • The unit is divided into the Academic Staff sub-unit, Administrative and Technical Staff sub-unit and Junior Staff sub-unit.


  • Students Affairs Division
  • The division of Student Affairs works to enhance students’ experiences at APS through co-curricular programs, planned social events, academic support services and career assistance.
  • For more information, visit the Student Affairs under the Rectory page.


  • Academic Affairs Division
  • The division of Academic Affairs, together with the deans, directors and faculty of APS is responsible for a wide array of scholarly and academic activities, including the number and scope of programs offered by APS
  • The Unit also operates through three major subdivisions such as Senate, Admissions as well as Examinations and Records all of which also operate through Committee System.


  • Council Secretariat
  • The Council Secretariat oversees all Council matters.
  • The property and finances of the University are vested in Council and the Secretariat is in charge of the implementation of all policies formulated by Council


  • Information & Protocol Division
  • It is the public relations and information dissemination outfit of APS.
  • This division assists and advices on building the university’s external image and communications.
  • It is generally responsible for the following functions:
  • Public relations with the outside world, the press and other communication media
  • To participate in preparing APS’s official events such as Public lectures, Seminars, Symposia, Conferences and students’ activities
  • Receiving and hosting official visitors and visits
  • Circulating information of importance and interest within APS
  • Compiling and production of Annual Report of the School
  • A point of contact for general inquiries from both internal and external