APS Certificate Programs

Whether you want to be part of the pension industry, or you want to update your knowledge and stay current in pens ion profes s ion, the APS CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS would provide you with a gateway to
attaining these objectives.

For the beginners there is an introductory Certificate in Pensions and for those with experience in pension administration and management, the Practitioner Certificate in Pensions Management would suit their
purpose. A Certificate in Actuarial Management is designed for senior management staff and executives who desire to have a complete handle on their pension management without being Actuaries – in essence it’s an
Actuarial Course for Non-Actuaries.

Each of the programs is modular. Each module offers a course of study and an assessment. Successful completion of the modules earns you the targeted certificate.

APS’ learning platform delivers 100% online certificate programs to individuals and organizations. For certificate programs that are modular in nature, each module offers specialized training and assessment in
various aspects of pension management. The successful completion of the modules earns participants an Advanced Certificate in Pension Administration & Management Lectures are delivered by highly experienced professionals, ensuring that the program is very practical in nature by utilizing class discussions, real world settings and case studies in the delivery.

Our Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in Pensions
  • Practitioner Certificate in Pension Management
  • Certificate in Actuarial Science